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Saturday, 10 June 2017 19:26

CHS Music

2017- 2018 Ensembles


Congratulations to everyone on your auditions.  Below are the placements for next year.  Please contact us with questions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We apologize for any spelling errors or oversights. 


Mr. Barroll, Mr. Kohen & Mr. Dabach


Zero Period Marching Band

Lisa Baek

Aaron Coulter

Nate Denlinger

Angie Fields

Ben Ford

Rachel Franklin

Coleman Fujishin

Aaron Geller

Douglas House

Max Karpel

Jesse McKenzie

Michaela Miller

Avery Nicholson

Andrea Otovic

Reed Rosenberg

Isabelle Sever

Richard Sniderman

Madison Starr

Simone Traband

Joshua Tam


Zero Period Symphonic Band

Julia Anderson

Parish Brown

Sam Caton

Bethany Chapman

Joe Chrisman

Billy Crosley

Nikki Darrow

Natalie Del Carmen

Nathan Doctor

Victor Dontsov

Corey Fishwick

Emily Ford

Avan Franklin

Ally Gerard

Brandon Goldflam

Grace Hazan

Donovan Holt?

Guy Jacobs

Colby Jochum

Flori Katzman

Sara Kim

Griffin Konheim

Rachel Lackey

Sam Levy

Tristan Melgar

Seruni Pilaga-Menage

Cole Russo

Clare Rayburn

Aaron Ye

Zach Winger



1st Period Wind Ensemble

Matt Alperson

Maya Bitar

Emily Burman

Rachel Burak

Carl Chen

Andrew Chen

Joe Chrisman

Billy Crosley

Isabel Daly

Nikki Darrow

Aiden Denlinger

Nate Denlinger

Victor Dontsov

Emily Ford

Coleman Fujishin

Drew Greene

Grace Hazan

Sarah Hazan

Sam Hendershot

Donovan Holt

James Iannou

Chloe Joseph

Nick Kahn

Ian Karnick

Carly Kindseth

Megan Lackey

Jacob Lampert

Alex Lorey

Leila Malak

Quynh-Anh Nguyen

Andrea Otovic

Sarah Pattenaude

Madison Roche

Reed Rosenberg

Kate Saperstein

Brandyn Samuels

Charlie Scott

Daniel Shishegar

Eashan Sharma

Richard Sniderman

Ava Taghioff

Joshua Tam

Mark Wahrman

Andrew Wei


6th Period Marching Band

Orreal Amar

Matthew Anderson

Matt Alperson

Daniel Andrikian 

Nicole Appel

Rael Avilez-Quintero

Jimmy Berman

Melody Bjork-Cooper

Ariel Butbol

Bethany Chapman

Joe Chrisman

Nathan Doctor

Matthew Ebneshahidi

Dahye Eun

Angie Fields

Arvin Ferdows

Kevin Fisher

Nicholas Gareeb

Dylan Hamerman

Gracie Hazan

Soltan  Jaberi

Colby Jochum

Claire Krause

Nick Kahn

Carly Kindseth

Bardia Khosravi

Griffin Konheim

Katerina Kerrigan

Megan Lackey

David Levy

Jake Littman

Elias Martinez

Ewan McColl

Royce Mettler

Coral Nitzin

Jake Packenham

Madison Roche

Roniel Sharaf

Cora Sibulkin

Alexa Siegel

Isabella Souza

Shane Steinman

Adam Thaw

Ryan Tristan

Marc Warhman

Leon Weiss

Abby Weber

Noah Weiss

Zack Weisbond

Jeremy White

Gabriel Wolf

Raymond Yang



3rd Period Jazz A Band

Trent Adler

William Crosley

Nate Denlinger

Victor Dontsov

Omer Fedi

Kerr Gebre-Selassie

Nicholas Kahn

Ian Karnick

Jacob Lampert

Nathaniel Marmorstein

William Miller

Jake Naruzscewitz

Tin-Tin Nguyen

Andrew Rabizadeh

Madison Roche

Jake Shpiner

Andrew Wei

Obtin Zandian



2nd Period Jazz B Band

Matthew Alperson

Richie Anaya

Aaron Coulter

Avan Franklin

Connor Fujishin

Brandon Goldflam

David Hooker

Douglas House

Matthew Jaysen

Jacob Lampert

Alex Lorey

Mark Lowe

Elias Martinez

Basil Pav

Colin Pool

Reed Rosenberg

Charlie Scott

Tamar Viz



4th Period Orchestra

Coleman Fujishin

Yael Gampel

Deziree Garcia

Jonah Goldberg

Amanda Hiuriono

Elle Haile

Emma Hakkakzadah

Daniel Hakimi

Holly Ioannou

Morgan Jennings

Brandon Kao

Ketina Klass

Uliana Kolyshnichenko

Elend Kristiansen

Anais Larson

Elsa Leeney

Tristan Melgar

Orr Marom

Michaela Miller

Eden Moyal

Hossain Nowaid

Gabriel Ortega

Jerique Pajarellanjo

Lauren Perlmutter

Gabby Polynice

Regina Resurreccion

Elianna Sarrow

Alana Taghioff

Audrey Taillon

Phil Te

Sydney Welsh

Maya Zuckerman



5th Period Jazz Workshop

Matthew Alperson

Daniel Andrikian

Jimmy Berman

Jacob Chamie

Bethany Chapman

Dylan Dardashti

Kevin Fisher

Emily Ford

Aaron Geller

Sydney Goldflam

Gracie Hazan

Donovan Holt

Adam Kazden

Katherine Kerrigan

Charles Kermandalian

Bardia Khosravi

Rachel Lackey

Sam Levy

Jake Littman

Emma Maltz

Noah Marx

Seruni Pilaga-Manage

Nick Salit

Madison Seger

Richard Sniderman

Toby Schwartz

Ethan Shanfield

Ava Taghioff

Jack Toggenburger

Allen Zeng


6th Period Advanced Guitar

Victoria Almassi

Guy Azulay

Tristan Haley

Zakary Herman

Angelia Laureano

Shane Perelman

Sarah Pattenaude

Marion Suchowiecky

Santiago Yanez

Yasamin Zadeh-Jassor


2016 -2017 Awards Banquet PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 June 2017 16:46

Music Awards Banquet!

(June 6, 2017)



What a wonderful culmination of an incredible year!  Our 2016 – 2017 Music Awards Banquet was full of laughter and cheer as parents and kids came together to celebrate the end of a year full of concerts, practices, travel (Nashville!!), camaraderie and hard work! 

In particular, we celebrated our seniors who are all going off to their different paths and journeys – some to college, some to pursue other paths. 

But all, we hope, will continue to keep music in their lives, and will leave with fond memories of their time here in the CHS Music Program! 


We also had a somber moment when Mr. Kohen said a few words about Dylan Harlan, a freshman member of our music family who tragically lost his life last weekend.  In part, Mr. Kohen said that Dylan “was a gentle soul, kind, quiet and sincere.  He was an outstanding hockey player, avid surfer and great friend to those who knew him.   Dylan grew up in our community, attended elementary, middle and high school with so many of the people who make up the CHS Music family.  He will be dearly missed.”  Please note that there is a tribute page on our website regarding Dylan with links to more information.


The evening was also about celebrating the achievements of some very special students.  See the following lists of awards and scholarships, and also check out pictures below!


Scholarship Recipients: 


Students who applied for and were awarded cash scholarships of $250 each.  These awards were announced on Monday,
6/5, at the Senior Awards Banquet.  The directors reviewed the applications and ultimately decided on the scholarship recipients.


·      Olivia Alpert

·      Via Bleidner

·      Daniella Hazan

·      Kian Ravaei

·      Gray Underhill


Following are the major awards, with the underclassmen awards (for 9th – 12th grades) first.


Underclassmen Awards:

Most Improved Awards for 9th – 11th grades:

Band:  9th

·      Carly Kindseth

·      Marc Wahrman


Band: 10th

·      Billy Crosley

·      Alex Lorey

·      Daniel Shishegar


Band:  11th 

·      Megan Lackey

·      Anais Larson


·      Zac Herman, MI Guitar

·      Ryan Brady, MI Guitar


Choir:  9th

·      Samantha Harnick

 Choir:  10th

·      Siri Maxwell Sommer

Choir:  11th

·      Austyn Reale

·      Lexi Weakley



·      Nikki Darrow

·      Matthew Anderson

·      Haley Mark (Choir)


Senior Awards

These are awards to 12th graders  for Band - Sousa, Armstrong, Directors, Most Improved, Outstanding Achievement 

Outstanding Achievement Woodwind - Olivia Alpert

Outstanding Achievement Jazz - Brian Grabin

Most Improved - Dani Hazan

Armstrong - Sami Shapiro

Sousa - Gray Underhill

Outstanding Achievement Jazz - Kian Ravaei


Senior (12th grade) Choir Awards - National Choral, Directors, Most Improved, Outstanding Achievement

National School Choral - Rachel Nelson

Most Improved - Esteban Rivera

Directors Award - Kaela Hoisch

Outstanding Achievement Choir - Claire McNeely

Check out pics below:



Tribute to Dylan Harlan PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 20:13

Dylan Harlan

Tribute to Dylan Harlan



We mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Dylan Harlan.  Dylan was a Freshman and he played Tenor Sax in our Jazz Black Band.  He was a gentle soul, kind, quiet and sincere.  He was an outstanding hockey player, avid surfer and great friend to those who knew him.  Dylan grew up in our community, attended elementary, middle and high school with so many of the people who make up the CHS Music family.  He will be dearly missed.  

We extend our heartfelt love and support to his mother Kirsten Doss and his sister T.K.  


There will be a memorial for Dylan and his father on Wed, June 7, at the rink he played hockey at. It is open for all friends of all ages, whether or not they played hockey. On the hockey site where Dylan played, were these touching words:  "He was a big, strong physical player on the ice, considered by all to be a great teammate and leader.  Off the ice, Dylan was a kind-hearted, exemplary young man, with an easygoing disposition and and get sense of humor.  His enthusiasm and spirit truly touched all of those who were lucky enough to know him."   Please see link for more info.

If you can't make it to this memorial, there will be another memorial for both Jim and Dylan later, arranged by the family.

For more information, please see recent articles:


LA Daily News 

CBS Los Angeles

Westlake Jazz Festival PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 May 2017 04:49

CHS Jazz Bands @ Westlake Jazz Festival

May 13th, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to the CHS Jazz bands on their performances at the Westlake Jazz Festival!

The bands competed with over 70 high school andWestlake Jazz Festival
middle school bands from the region.  

The Jazz A and B band both received excellent ratings.  All three of the Jazz Combos received superior ratings for their performances, with Combos II and III earned 1st and 2nd place in the Intermediate Combo division, while Combo I placed 5th in the Advanced category (off from 3rd place by only 2 points!).

The following students received Outstanding Musician/Soloist awards:  

  • Omer Fedi (1 for combo, 1 for big band)
  • Ian Karnick (1 for combo, 1 for big band)
  • Kian Ravaei
  • Joshua Franklin

Please congratulate our jazz students from the Jazz A and B bands and the Combos on their successes!

If you’d like to hear these groups play in person, come out to The Six in Calabasas (across from the Cantina) on Sunday evening, June 4th from 6-10pm.  

You can also hear the Jazz A Band at Bogie’s in Westlake on Tuesday May 30th at 7pm, opening for the Boyd Cannon Big Band.

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Saturday, 06 May 2017 17:27

Unstrumental with Ben Bram


An unbelievable experience for Unstrumental: Grammy Award winning arranger (plus producer and engineer) for a cappella super group Pentatonix, Ben Bram, created a vocal arrangement just for our students.

Unstrumental workshopped the song with Ben on Sunday, followed by a Q&A about his background, including his undergraduate experience at USC (singing with and directing four-time ICCA champions the SoCal VoCals), and his big breaks in the music business.

Ben also worked extensively behind the scenes on Pitch Perfect and Glee and gave great advice for aspiring arrangers to "get your work out there."

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